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Seeing the world through circles


“My themes have always been Society, Culture, People, Technologies, Nature and the World, which is surrounding us. Everything is changing through the Globalization, and so does the access of people to the world, their emotional inner life and the Me-to-We-relation from the individual to the society.

Landscapes like my early rice field paintings, which were based on a socio-cultural level and utilized both western and eastern painting techniques, gave way to motifs of people and gigantic nature and then more and more transcended into different positions towards space and our increasingly fast impacted surroundings by the globalization.

In „Seeing the world through circles” I am approaching this Sujet on the one hand with fantastic worlds and architectures, which are the emotional projections of my perception and globalization, on the other hand with a conceptual position, which is driven by abstraction and the use of colour and formal symbolism.

Both approaches first seem contrary and different from each other, but the themes are the same: Once seen through my heart and driven by gut feel (fantastic landscapes and architectures) – and then through my thoughts and my mind (abstractions of the same ideas through circles).

The one cannot be without the other.

The circles represent my diverse themes, which melt together in new colors and forms in the intersections to create a new modulation and composition. I have been working on this abstract circle concept for quite a while next to the fantastic landscapes, to express my themes by heart, gut feel and conscious thoughts in a complementary way.

With this series I want to trigger both sensual and intellectual impulses for the viewer and create a rational and emotional access to my work – exactly the way I feel and think myself into reality.